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Pisces and Aries can be the closest sign to the ‘God’/universal source, by any name. Aries is fresh from heaven and the mind of the creator (new born), and in his childishness reconnects with the divine like no other - because he was just there; he is initiative and creative, the closest harmony to the spirit is this is the source of creativity; this also means a lot of them don’t really get it or embrace spiritually, (in archetype) because they havent developed enough to contemplate this consciously. He’s already sitting by the hand of God, and God watches over guarding his newborn soul. Pisces (final sign, the culmination of all beings) is the life expression and active appearance of the blue light Christ consciousness in form; it is also the energetic appearance of the world savior and eternal servant of God. By the time we have reached Pisces, we are more than conscious of the transcendental and indwelling divine, we are
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~Never recommended to wake a sleeping Pisces They feel more awake in dreams and tired during life

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You can always trust a #Pisces judgment.
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Everyone likes to stare a Pisces lady, do you also? Let your heart beat for a Pisces girl, but why?

Living with a Pisces woman is like living on heaven. A lovely wise lady of Pisces sign truly mesmerizes everyone. Her beauty is so spellbound that each boy wants to have her in his life. At a…

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Anonymous said: How would a pisces female attract a sigattarius male?


Pisces and Sagittarius have very little in common, so if you’re really interested in attracting him, be aware that Sagittariuses generally don’t take relationships, love, and commitments even half as seriously as Pisces does. (I hope I didn’t offend any Sagittariuses, it’s just what I’ve seen, observed, and learned in general)

That being said, what they do have in common is a love for adventure. Pisces loves the kind of adventure where you stay at home and read a book, or play a video game, or maybe role-playing with some friends; Sagittarius is the kind of person to go on a real adventure—while Pisces might go to an anime convention locally, for example, Sagittarius would make a road trip out of going to a huge one hundreds of miles away. 

How this relates to your question is, that if a Pisces girl wants to attract a Sagittarius guy, she would have to show him her adventurous, daring side, step out of her comfort zone and take a risk. Even as much as talking about doing something risky or fun could be enough to get the ball rolling and pique his interest. There’s lots of other birth chart influences too, so if the Pisces girl finds anything else in common with the Sagittarius guy, she should capitalize on it and find a way to bond with him over it. :) ~Sergeant Scorpion

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Fun facts about your sign here


Fun facts about your sign here

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Pisces In The Bedroom


Pisceans will go further in their exploration of eroticism and sexual pleasures, because sex isn’t just sex, it’s a spiritual endeavor. You can be a bit demure in bed but hardly submissive. You are very addictive and highly provocative. You enjoy pillow talk as much as foreplay.

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I’m just heartbroken. You’ve got to understand, I can’t deal with my hand of cards. I feel like I’m drowning, the water is too much, the emotions grab my feet and pull me down. All I feel is panic. How do I get myself out of this one now? I live at the bottom of the ocean, where almost no one can…

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i wonder sometimes if the lure to substance use in pisceans relates not only to a neptunian merry go round that seduces fantasy and an escape, but rather the sense death has already occured, the impending infinite experience is already happening, and there is little left to lose, i am already…

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A #Pisces intuition is usually what helps them see through the bullshit.
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